Bali Bali Bali~~

Bali....Wait for meeeeee... :D
Woohoo...Got myself and elliptical machine....:D

Pissed off

Ugh.......If I made a mistake, tell it straight to my face. Don't go behind my back and say that I'm not capable. How the fuck would I know if you did not say anything. There's something called "Constructive Criticism". Stupid idiot. I'd rather sit in the kitchen and do 10 assignments than sit infront of you, with my back facing you, and listen to you sigh and slam books and stuff all over the table. Geez. Go suck on a sock or something.

It's really frustrating when you do something, and there's no feedback. All you do is just look at it, tear it in front of me, and redo it yourself without letting me know what I did wrong. And just recently, I copied something wrongly, and you HAD to ask someone else to liquid it away, AND DID NOT TELL ME THAT I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO WRITE IT ON THE SAME PAGE! You're best at complaining kan, why don't you complain that to my face. I'd appreciate that. If you're trying to make me look stupid and inferior, then be my guest. Like I care. Stupid hoe. Makes me feel sad la, ok...........It's your problem if you have a sad and miserable life. You're always complaining about the amount of things you need to do, this and that. Um, hello??? I'm sitting there, waiting for things to do. Just because of that minor mistake and you're mentally firing me? Bitch, you ain't got no right.

I'm so going to tell you off. I wonder how my friend stand her cousin for 2 years. I'm there for 2 weeks and i'm already frustrated as hell! = o = Sigh................Hopefully my aunt is really going to set up a business...

Update....*dust dust*

It's been a while. And yeap, I'm married. Marriage life is treating me well so far. The only downside is that I feel left out in his office. I feel stupid. I'm as free as fuck here. I only get to work once in a while. One of the employee here is so afraid that I might 'steal their bowl of rice', if you know what I mean. Ugh. Whatever. I'm here to help, if you don't want me to, then I won't. The boss asked you so many times to let me do it, teach me and you're soooo hesitant to do so. I won't steal your food, m'kay? Geez. Now, my sister-in-law is teaching me some stuff, like creditors, debtors and all those stuff.......Meh. Doing laundry and housework is way more fun, for reals....

Anyway, I migggghht, MIGHT be starting an event planning business with my aunt. MIGHT! She drafted out a business plan already but it's still not fully ready yet. They are trying to set a career for me. I don't know how it will go, but yea, it might take about 1 year to completely set it up. We need to plan and draft out every single thing that we need. She's willing to come all the way to Malaysia to help set it up. She has alot of experience and connections in Shanghai, Hongkong, and China etc. So, once the business plan and proposal are done, she will submit it to some other connections here in KK that she knows. Sigh, le sigh-eth. My parents are asking me to consider. What should I do? Help my husband or set up a 'possible' career?

My wedding videographer just messaged me and told me that our video highlight and video slideshow is done. I am so excited to see it. But, here is the photo slideshow for the tea ceremony, games and church ceremony :D

I can't help but....



It's September!! Sep-tem-fucking-ber!! *Hyperventilating* :O So close, so close. Countdown.

Finally gave in

Picasso - Weeping Woman

Okay. I finally lost it. I'm not very good at handling stress. Sigh. I broke down crying 2 days ago. I held my emotions for quite some time. I'm not super woman, I can't finish everything and remember everything for you. I can't please and accomodate everyone. What about me? Can't I have a say in this? It's getting closer, and I don't really give a fuck about what you people think I should do. I'll do it my way, like it or not. Don't even try to manipulate my choices. I'll bitch slap you so hard, your brain'll fly out your ears. If you want me to do it and get it done on time, let me do it my way.

All these sudden last minute changes and additions are driving me nuts. @ o @ Make up your mind!!